• Provide leadership, direction, and coordination of the activities of the Association
  • Determine long-range, strategic planning, and the setting of Association goals
  • Develop, enforce, and reevaluate Association bylaws, policies, and procedures
  • Analyze budgets and financial reports
  • Supervise overall functions of the Association
  • Preside at meetings of the Association and of the Executive Committee
  • Ex-officio voting member of each committee
  • Appoint committees
  • Promote a sense of community by supporting open communication through whatever means available, encouraging member participation, and making self available to the membership
  • Perform such other duties as necessary to carry out the purposes of the Association

Vice President, Meetings

  • Contact members to identify meeting locations for the upcoming year
  • Compile the meeting topics, speakers, coordinator, and the sponsor for the monthly meetings
  • Identify the venue and caterer for the annual luncheon
  • Recruit sponsors for the annual luncheon
  • Work with the President and other Board members to plan and implement the annual member luncheon each June
  • Coordinate the annual Planning Retreat for the Executive Board, including locating a venue and caterer

Vice President, Legislative

  • Coordinate with members of the Legislative Committee to address the attendance at meetings with stakeholders regarding proposed or introduced legislation affecting most members, with an emphasis on Workers' Compensation issues
  • Coordinate the dissemination of information about legislation and help formulate a position for the Association
  • Assist in arranging the Association's response to legislation, including helping to coordinate or provide testimony before legislative committees
  • Assist in seeking and coordinating input and responses from other groups or businesses with similar goals and positions on proposed legislation


  • Maintain and reconcile bank accounts monthly, issue payments, and deposit revenue.
  • Coordinate with Membership chair regarding all dues payments to ensure membership lists are current
  • Obtain signature of the President on necessary payments. (Treasurer and President are account signatories)
  • Create and present monthly Treasurer's report for the monthly Association meeting
  • Initiates financial audit as required in the By Laws
  • Initiates annual tax return immediately following the close of the fiscal year
  • Completes the Annual Report to the Secretary of State online each October
  • Completes annual Charitable Organization filing to the Secretary of State online each October
  • Maintains reports for annual record keeping
  • Technology infrastructure is currently maintained by the City of Colorado Springs Department of Information Technology, allowing the Association to benefit from the security infrastructure of the City IT network


  • Prepare the agenda for each meeting of the Association and preserve an accurate record of all proceedings and meetings
  • Notify all members of Association meetings at least seven (7) days in advance of the meetings
  • Send out notices and other communication to members
  • Act as Webmaster for Association website
  • Perform other duties as requested by the President

Membership Chair

  • Send membership invoices to all current and known past members and non-members who are candidates for membership.  Invoices are sent beginning the first of June and continue through the end of the calendar year.
  • Maintain a current and accurate roster of paid members
  • Recruit Special Event Sponsors
  • Send the Special Event Sponsor Invoices and Member Invitations for the annual luncheon (send every two weeks in April through May)
  • Maintain a list of paid sponsors for the annual luncheon (Company and Attendee names)
  • Maintain a list of confirmed attendees for the annual luncheon (Company and Attendee names)
  • Any checks received by the Membership Chair are forwarded to the Treasurer for deposit
  • Recruit new members to the Association

Legislative Committee

  • Conduct annual negotiations with Pinnacol and the WCEA regarding proposed legislation
  • Meet to discuss proposed legislation and its impact
  • Formulate responses to legislation
  • Testify for or against legislation at legislative committee hearings
  • Coordinate membership response to proposed legislation, including crafting talking points for members